In the orders section of Account dashboard thumbnails of previous orders are not listed. Showing thumbnails of previous could be nice for UX since it will remove the burden from customer (what was that order) if special named products are order. It will help to understand customer at first sight. 

Go to /woocommerce/myaccount/orders.php under your plugins and copy to yourtheme/woocommerce/myaccount/orders.php.

So changes will not be overwritten when WooCommerce is updated.

Change the orders.php like explained belw.

if you put the thumbnail in front of line you need to copy the snippet

// Get a list of all items that belong to the order
$products = $order->get_items();

// Loop through the items and get the product image
foreach( $products as $product ) {

$product_obj = new WC_Product( $product["product_id"] );

echo $product_obj->get_image();



<?php elseif ( 'order-date' === $column_id ) : ?>