While we do projects, we come across a lot of solutions. We value them flexibility performance and most of all support. In this technology world where everything changes so fast you need to make your investment to those who will support you.

A Bad Example: Octolooks

We met with Octolooks solution with Codecanyon.We bought their extension, then afterawhile Its extension removed from Codecanyon. There are lots of dramas according to both sides, we will save you from reading. Briefly codecanyon said they removed it. Octolooks said no etc..

We couldn’t use the license that we have, anyways we bought a new license. We thought Codecanyon was unfair to this independent developer and we felt we need to support them. Well it turned out we were wrong.

After a not long period, one of the main reason started to not work.We contact to get help, and developer said “it is Google, sometimes work sometimes not”. We explain why we bought it and why it need to be fixed, no response is so far.

So the essence of this small post is be careful where you will put your investment, because you will need definitely support and make sure the solution provider will be there to offer that.